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5 Reasons Why Your Online Businesses Will Fail And What To Do Right

Novy 1,2018
  • 2018
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Many are drawn into the allure of starting an online business no matter how small, I mean you get to be your own boss, plan your business around your lifestyle, quit your gruesome 9 -5 job. The Online Business world is really not what you think, what you think you see is far from the truth about the online business world. A whopping 90% of all online businesses fail in the first 120 days according to research done by

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Octy 13,2018
  • 2018
  • 7610

With the rise of trillion dollar companies, more companies are joining the trillion dollar companies list 2018 as this year 2018 has been characterized the year of the trillion dollar company. Years before, reaching the thirteen digit mark was far-fetched considering the GDP of the United States that was around $20 trillion.

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How Chess Prepared Me to Be a CEO

Octy 3,2018
  • 2018
  • 7310

Chess has been loaded with a variety of ascribed “meanings” over time -- war training, intellectual self-improvement, moral righteousness -- but at its core chess is an enduring game of strategy. My family has played this game for generations, and in this inheritance are lessons I apply to business leadership to this day. There are analogs to many of the most critical concerns of a CEO -- including people, strategy and adaptation -- in the ancient game of chess.

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